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With a loose painterly energy achieved through layered washes, dry brushwork and exuberant freeform lines, Seth Birchall’s landscape paintings – including (We) Give and Receive (right) – are akin to conceptual collages, stitching together scenes from both memory and reference. December 4-21.



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Belle3 min de lecture
Paradise BEACH
WHAT INITIALLY APPEALED ABOUT YOUR HOME AND ITS ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN BY TOBIAS PARTNERS? I lived in Sydney in my early 20s, so when my husband and I moved back from Perth with a young family in 2004 we were keen to find somewhere close to the water.
Belle6 min de lectureArchitecture
Surface Deep
Any new build shortlisted for an architectural award in 2021 has, arguably, satisfied the most demanding criteria in many years, given how buildings have had to adapt in the COVID era and be far more than a roof over a family’s heads. Melbourne’s Arc
Belle4 min de lecture
Art And Soul
SO NICK, YOU'VE TAKEN ON A NEW ROLE AT THE MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART? Yes, over the past 15 years I’ve had various roles. Early on, I was involved in setting up the MCA’s Young Ambassadors program and was on the committee. About seven years ago, I j