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Rural Windmills

Look at any photograph of farms and ranches in the 1800s, and you’ll likely see a working windmill in the landscape. The windmill was one of the inventions that made settlement of the Great Plains possible. (Others included sod houses, barbed wire, and perhaps even the Colt revolver.) Windmills were vital to American settlers who traveled from the lush, fertile East to homestead a patch of land in the much drier West, breathing life into an otherwise barren landscape. The image of the windmill – spoked sails spinning atop a tall, wooden tower and one of the

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Creative Containers FOR GARDENING
VISUAL excitement and practicality make container gardening a terrific choice. Unique containers, whether in a suburban backyard or a rambling plot on a homestead or farm, can add a captivating and sometimes humorous touch. Inspiration is only a stro
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Preserving Tomatoes
Homegrown tomatoes taste almost as good canned, frozen, or dried, as they do fresh from the garden, and they certainly have far more flavor than the tennis balls supermarkets try to pass off as tomatoes. If you don’t grow enough of your own tomatoes
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Garden’s Fruitful Finale
MY late husband titled one of his vividly evocative pastels “August Madness in the Garden.” And it is. The garden is bursting with life this time of year, and the plants overwhelm my efforts to keep them within bounds. These are the months when New Y