Chat Passion


Debbie Stephens, 55, Edinburgh

As I popped a shepherd’s pie in the oven and set about laying the table, the cooker suddenly blew.

‘Oh no,’ I cried, wondering what on earth I’d rustle up for tea.

‘I’d better call an electrician out,’ I sighed to my husband, Craig, 50.

‘No, don’t do that,’ he said, as he fetched his toolbox.

‘I can fix it for you.’

Craig had never been interested in DIY.

‘You’ll save the day,’ I smiled, as our two children – Curt and Craig Junior - groaned that they were getting hungry.

‘What are husbands for?’ Craig grinned, giving me a cheeky wink.

As he fiddled about with the electrics, I got on with the rest of my housework in the room next door to him.

But I nearly jumped out of my skin when the smoke alarm started going

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