Chat Passion


Opening the front door to her mother’s house in Clearwater, Florida, Melissa Dohme’s new boyfriend Robert Burton was standing there with a fresh bouquet of flowers.

She was 18-years-old and had met Robert in school.

To begin with, Robert was the most charming young man and would frequently turn up with flowers and chocolates.

The couple did everything together, and soon, they were madly in love.

But Robert had a difficult home-life.

She wanted to leave, but couldn’t

For most of his childhood, he was passed between his mother and grandmother, depending on who had more tolerance for him.

Then, when his mother remarried and had more children, he became the family outcast.

Kind Melissa just wanted him to be loved and accepted, so he spent most of his time at her house, as her family home could be the safe place he needed.

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