Chat Passion

Worked like MAGIC

Erica Maggs, 47, Fareham

Sitting in the airport departures lounge, I excitedly flicked through the brochure for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida.

‘I’m so excited to see Hogwarts!’ I beamed, giving it to my husband, Haydn.

‘You’re such a Harry Potter fan, I’ll be walking round with a right geek,’ he teased, winking at our daughter Molly*, 10.

I couldn’t get it over my stomach

We’d been planning to take Molly to Disney World and Universal Studios for years, and finally the day was here.

They called for our flight, and we made our way through the airport terminal, rushing a little to keep up with the crowd.

I started to feel warm and slightly out of breath.

‘You alright love?’ Haydn called as he strode on ahead easily.

‘Yep, yep,’ I half-panted

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