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n Matthew Fox-Amato uses daguerreotypes and cartes-de-visite—most published here for the first time—and a wealth of explanatory letters to explore how advocates of slavery and

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Citizen Soldiers
The afternoon of July 2, 1863, found the larger part of two great armies, nearly 165,000 men, locked in combat in and around Gettysburg, Pa. For three officers engaged on the Federal side, the battle took on special meaning—as Pennsylvanians, they we
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Stone Savers
SCOTT HALVERSON AND MARGARET MOORE, partners in Minneapolis-based Northern Stone Carving LLC, have overcome challenges in restoring damaged monuments at Gettysburg National Military Park and elsewhere. Among their projects have been 38 repairs to 14
Civil War Times1 min de lectureUnited States
Imperfect Pitch
A UNION BUGLER carried this war-battered and repaired German silver bugle, about 101/4 inches tall, until it was captured by a hard-riding trooper of Maj. Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest’s command. “Captured by 4th Ala Cav/From the federals/Tishamingo Cr