Country Life

Seeking salvation

THE notes I jotted down when viewing this exhibition—enigmatic, joyless, stillness, soulless—seem a very negative response to a fascinating and absorbing show and, from what one learns about Tristram Hillier, stem from the circumstances of his boyhood rather than the individual works.

He was born in Peking, the fourth child of a banker who, on going blind at the age of 30, converted to Catholicism as an alternative to shooting himself. Tristram’s mother, with whom he

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Country Life1 min de lecture
Wines Of The Week
The Wrangler, Big Chief Blend, California, US 2016. £6.99, Aldi, alc 14% Aldi's Californian brand provides a balance of value and interest at this price level. This blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Syrah and Zinfandel is very drinkable, with
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Gone To Rack And Ruin?
WHAT on earth do you do with a ruined, but historically significant country house? This is a question that plagues the average workaday heritage chairman (Fig 1), causing headaches, insomnia and occasional bouts of teeth-grinding. Here, I will use fo
Country Life3 min de lecture
Letters To The Editor
THE reference to hairy bittercress (‘Real men eat ground-elder quiche’, July 15) brought to mind Gertrude Jekyll’s advice on using the weed in a sandwich in her charming book Children and Gardens ( COUNTRY LIFE Library, 1908). Illustrated by her dr