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Let’s get physical

IT’S tempting to look out of the window at the leafless trees and dormant flower borders and think that this is the quiet time in the garden, but that would be quite wrong. Midwinter is exactly the right time to pull on sturdy boots and

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Friends And Relations
• Celeriac (var. rapaceum) originated in the Mediterranean basin and is widely cultivated there and in northern Europe. It shares many virtues with celery and its edible bulb or hypocotyl (pictured) is favoured on the Continent • Leaf celery (var. s
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Farming’s Brave New World
ACROSS the UK, we share great pride in our countryside and our exit from the EU allows us to harness that pride in a way that we have not been able to for more than 40 years—pride not only in food production, but in land management and the people who
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Sir Mark Prescott
Sir Mark Prescott Bt is a leading Flat racehorse trainer ANDREW WYETH’S artist father, N. C., was famed as an illustrator, a reputation he despised. Art was a higher calling and Andrew, his youngest child, became his apprentice at 15: ‘Pa kept me al