Country Style


IT’S DARK. My dreams have been stalked so I am awake before the gentle chirruping of my alarm. We are in the middle of lambing and I lie in bed wondering about a two-day-old lamb and its new foster mother over in the yards. What I’m wondering is if it has survived the night. I get up and let the dogs out. We have three house dogs — my loyal black

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Country Style3 min de lectureRegional & Ethnic
Pass The Spuds
SO YOU’VE BEEN INVITED to a barbecue and told not to bring anything, but when you protest, your host casually suggests, “Maybe a salad?” Maybe a salad? These unremarkable words are responsible for thousands, perhaps even millions of tonnes of potatoe
Country Style3 min de lecture
Shack Days
I HOPE BY THE TIME YOU’RE READING THIS I will be firmly installed at our shack for a few weeks of total disconnect. The tradition of going to the shack puts a particularly Tasmanian twist on Australia’s love affair with a summer break. When I moved h
Country Style3 min de lecture
A Brighter Year
LAST YEAR TESTED US ALL in unpredictable and (word of the year alert) unprecedented ways. The restrictions of COVID presented unique challenges for boarding schools. With everything from living arrangements to trips home for holidays and end-of-exam