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MANY AUSTRALIANS have etched into their souls the iconic image of Frederick McCubbin’s great painting , in which the pioneering bushie squats on a log and stares into his camp fire. In all of us — at some time in our lives — there’s been the suspicion that life is a bastard. And if ever you’ve identified with McCubbin’s bushie, you’d have been struck by

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We’d Love To Hear From You!
Do you have a precious object that puzzles you or a mysterious item that has been in your family for generations? Send your inquiry, along with a colour print or high-resolution digital image, your suburb or town, and your daytime telephone number, t
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Long Distance
AN ISOLATED POSTCODE is never more significant than during a medical emergency. People living beyond the certainty of reliable phone reception live with this every day; a stark line in the sand between those who can cry for help and those who may hav
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How To Drink It
“I drink our spiced rum either neat or on the rocks. I love a daiquiri: that’s our Silver Spirit shaken up with fresh lime juice and sugar, and poured into a chilled glass. In winter, I drink hot buttered rum. Put a small amount of butter in a cup, a