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Tornado Alley

Texas and so have a meteorological kinship with our alley mates in Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, eastern Colorado, and South Dakota. Whenever that weather ticker tape comes across the screen with a watch or warning, a severe-weather solidarity forms. We start calling friends in places that are under threat to make

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Cowboys & Indians3 min de lecture
Vaquero Legacies & Diverse Descendants
THE NORTH AMERICAN COWBOY DOESN’T ENCOMPASS JUST ONE CUSTOM OR IMAGE BUT INCLUDES A whole range of traditions and cultures. That’s the photogenic point of a new exhibition of roughly 50 photographs at Booth Western Art Museum. Showcasing the many var
Cowboys & Indians2 min de lecture
Journeying Beyond, Sedona, Arizona
THE NAME MII AMO COMES FROM A NATIVE American phrase meaning “one’s path” or “one’s journey.” But for me, Mii amo is about stillness. It’s about a mind at rest, a soul at peace, and a spirit calmed. Maybe it’s the massive red-rock formations surround
Cowboys & Indians4 min de lecture
Cowboys & Indians: Congratulations on the 50th anniversary of Asleep at the Wheel. But we understand you had a health scare that temporarily rained on your parade Ray Benson: Well, yeah. I was an early adopter of the COVID. C&I: Always have to be fas