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10 Essential Texas Experiences

Picture Yourself in the Bluebonnets

Texas bluebonnets are so beloved and prized that it was illegal to pick them until 1973, and doing so in state parks is still prohibited. Instead, do what all Texans do every spring when these violet-blue flowers are in full bloom along the state’s highways: Pull over, get out your camera, and sit right down in the middle of them all—being careful, of course, not to crush them. The roadside proliferation of wildflowers, blue and otherwise, is at least partially courtesy of Texas native Lady Bird Johnson, who was dedicated to conservation and beautification. To find out more, visit the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin, where you can wander through its gardens and learn more about the state’s 2,700 native species of wildflowers. Then get back in your car and explore for yourself, region by wild, flowery region. Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center,

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Photography West Gallery’s Star Lensmen
IF YOU’VE EVER BEEN TO CARMEL AND MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA, YOU KNOW WHY CLINT EASTWOOD SET UP SHOP THERE. It’s not just fantastic for celebrity golfers who like Pacific Ocean views with their putts. The area has long been revered by photographers, too,
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Mushing Along, Fairbanks, Alaska
ON ASSIGNMENT FOR A MAGAZINE, I ONCE profiled two dog mushers and attended a dog-mushing race, and I was baffled about why people involved in the sport were so passionate about something that, as far as I could tell, made you undeniably miserable. Do