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Go with the flow: check before you buy

IF you have a fibreglass boat, which many of us do, have you ever wondered about the quality? I have and suspect this question comes to mind fairly often when pounding into a nasty sea and the forecast is for more.

In such circumstances every little quiver and creak is a question for the watch person; how much of a question may depend on our fibreglass mouldings.

Mouldings in this instance fall into two categories: the shape and function of the part/boat/moulding; plus how it will affect the comfort or liveability of the vessel and the construction, both materials and quality inherent in the build.

Both big questions with little answers, with most of the answers centred on cost with a bit of design, technique and skill thrown in.


This is an interesting point, water left to its own devices will generally take a downhill path and where this path leads is important to us.

Most boats have a cockpit, which this is where we all sit sometimes for hours on end. On watch, bludging

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