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Seoul-based Korean fashion designer Lie Sangbong’s headquarters can be found in the affluent Cheongdam district in the heart of Gangnam. Unlike its northern counterpart Gangbuk, Gangnam is built on a systematic grid-like foundation. And whereas Gangbuk is characterised by pastoral sidewalks and familiar landscapes, Gangnam is dominated by congested roads, making for a cold and exclusive cityscape.It’s the archetype of a global city where gargantuan industrial complexes abound, backed by development capital. Having emerged solely

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Design Anthology2 min de lecture
Head and Heart
Sean Zhang’s interest in design goes back a long time. ‘When I was about fifteen, I started to become deeply interested in the objects around me: a water bottle, shoes, an eraser,’ he recalls. ‘I began asking myself why they all looked the same and h
Design Anthology2 min de lectureArchitecture
Creative Haven
For 13 years, architect Marc Webb and interior designer Naoko Takenouchi lived in a walk-up apartment in Singapore’s colonial-era Wessex Estate. It was a charming home, but the founders of design firm Takenouchi Webb — famed for projects like the Kat
Design Anthology1 min de lecture
The Collector’s Edition
Our first ever large-format book, Design in Asia is an exposition of the most promising emerging designers working throughout the region today. With a foreword by Aric Chen, the deluxe edition is hand-numbered and limited to 500 copies. Stored in a r