Earth Garden

FINALLY, they are home

AND JUST like that . . . the build was complete and we could move in. We cherry-picked our way through storage to pick out what would fit. Our washing machine dissolved into a pile of rust when we moved it but that was

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Earth Garden4 min de lecture
DRIVING through the countryside, I feel a contented familiarity here. Although I haven’t visited for years, it’s the same paddocks rolling by that I would have scanned with a child’s eyes. The same warm sun gently lulling thoughts into a contented wa
Earth Garden2 min de lecture
IT’S A SUNDAY MORNING and we are on a mini bus, the first of four in our timetable today, blindly hoping to navigate through the mountains into Georgia and on to the capital Tbilisi. The road is a national border and as we travel down it, I look left
Earth Garden2 min de lecture
Pick & Press Flowers
I LOVE looking for four-leaf clovers. Every time I find one, I feel happy and even happier when I can give it to someone else to make them smile. As a child I would stick them in those big old telephone books to press them and put them into small fra