Earth Garden

A bed of roses

TUCKED away down a country road in northern New South Wales is a beautiful 32 acre property featuring natural bushland, rainforest and 4 hectares of lawn and flower gardens. There are also two beautiful lakes surrounded by gently undulating lawns and large, leafy deciduous trees. Ian and Ulrieke Kethel are the proud owners and creators of this beautiful place, named ‘The Rose Patch’.

Originally part of the Kethel family dairy farm, the property was a mixture of bush and grassland when Ian began gardening it 30 years

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Earth Garden2 min de lecture
Pick & Press Flowers
I LOVE looking for four-leaf clovers. Every time I find one, I feel happy and even happier when I can give it to someone else to make them smile. As a child I would stick them in those big old telephone books to press them and put them into small fra
Earth Garden4 min de lecture
The Broody Hen
A hen that is broody (clucky) will display a variety of behaviours. This includes: not leaving the nest, bad temperedness, not roosting at night, sitting staying in the nesting box, pecking you and even flying at you when you try to remove eggs, and
Earth Garden4 min de lecture
DRIVING through the countryside, I feel a contented familiarity here. Although I haven’t visited for years, it’s the same paddocks rolling by that I would have scanned with a child’s eyes. The same warm sun gently lulling thoughts into a contented wa