Earth Garden

a MEDITATIVE urban hum

LISTENING to the satisfying buzz of hundreds of thousands of tiny winged bodies in the air is something you don’t forget in a hurry. A warm blue sky is dotted with European honey bees from the 15 or so hives I’m standing amongst This results in a meditative-like contentment — and a quiet confidence that perhaps might not have been there if I wasn’t head-to-toe in a bee-keeping suit. Like this, I’m

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Earth Garden2 min de lecture
Covid-19 Means A Change Of Plans
WE HAD planned to spend most of 2020 travelling overseas and home-schooling our children but we suddenly found ourselves in a unique position with the travel restrictions suddenly upon us. We had previously travelled around Australia and now we had a
Earth Garden6 min de lecture
The Unlearned Country
I ONCE sat with Fred Fletcher in Whites River Hut in the Kosciuszko National Park, listening to his stories of the years when he had leased the country to run sheep. As a young man in 1939 he had stood on the high crags and watched furnace winds driv
Earth Garden5 min de lecture
A RAIN OF Small Kindness
I WAS in Canberra at a book launch the day of the first fire here, bleeding across the mountains in gale force winds. Bryan rang to say he had the phone message to evacuate. He was driving down to Robyn’s, ten minutes away but defendable. An hour lat