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– A statement by the , commenting on the impact of the novel coronavirus

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Tractor Prices
ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT AT 15% Products and prices were correct at the time of going to print and reflect prices as at 3 April 2021.
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How To Get Good Prices For Your Cattle
I have written in previous articles about the importance of farming with good genetics (that is, goodquality animals). If you are a beef producer, for example, it’s futile to run Jersey crosses, because these are not sought after on the red meat mark
Farmer's Weekly2 min de lecture
Crossword 408
1. To water crops by artificial means (8) 5. Hidden or dimmed (8) 11. Old English breed of large dog, often used for guarding (7) 12. Milk sugar (7) 13. Ruminant’s stomach used as food (5) 14. Large North American bird often eaten at Christmas (6) 15