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A national livestock traceability system would benefit exports

In the last week of January, I delivered a brief address on the value of traceability in monitoring livestock and fostering a viable livestock products trade in South Africa at the Livestock Identification and Traceability System conference, held in Pretoria.

Traceability is important because the growth in South Africa’s agriculture sector

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Using Natural Enemies To Combat Fall Armyworm
Africa loses up to 18 million tons of maize annually, valued at US$4,6 billion (about R65,6 billion) to fall armyworm (FAW) infestations, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. However, researchers at the Internatio
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Most people know that flies bite horses, but there is a bit of confusion between the stable fly, house fly and horse fly. Stable flies and house flies are more common and easier to control than horse flies, which are generally found where there is an
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Pests To Watch Out For
Adult weevils feed on foliage. The larvae tunnel into the sweet potato tubers and stems. Take the following preventive measures: • Implement crop rotation. • Earth-up tubers to reduce infestation. • Remove all tubers at harvest and never use cuttings