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THE antifragile AGE

When Katherine Pranic got cancer in her first year of university, it turned her plans upside-down. Surviving Hodgkin’s lymphoma also cultivated skills for dealing with challenges that would prove crucial in later years.

Like Katherine, who is now 40 and working as a freelance copywriter in Sydney, most of us experience unexpected trials – with our health, relationships, finances or career. While most of us probably prefer smooth sailing, life rarely works that way. Some things even benefit from disruption and thrive when exposed to change.

‘Antifragility has a singular property of allowing us to deal with the unknown, to do things without understanding them – and do them well’

In 2012, scholar Nassim Nicholas Taleb released a book detailing why things benefit from randomness and risk. Called , Nassim’s work describes antifragility as beyond resilience or robustness. “The resilient resists

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