Living in one of the most diverse and beautiful countries in the world has a huge drawback, one I’m sure many Canadians will recognize: the seemingly endless winters. However, there is much beauty to behold in the colder months, even when hidden under a thick blanket of snow. The landscape transforms completely, and if you’re planning on hibernating for the winter, you’re missing out on some truly incredible experiences. Camping, popular when temperatures are soaring and the sun sits high up in a clear blue sky, is equally wonderful when done in the winter. And there’s a bonus: no bugs!

Here are some amazing camping destinations across Canada to check out this winter.

Strathcona Provincial Park

British Columbia

Located on Vancouver Island, Strathcona Provincial Park is a good entry point for beginner winter campers. The temperatures are usually milder in this part of Canada, making it a great family-friendly option. Set up camp at the Forbidden Plateau (in the Strathcona backcountry), available year-round by permit, or at the Circlet Lake Campground, which has 20 wooden platforms for you to set your tent on that can be booked at the Paradise Meadows Trailhead at

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