When you pull into Topsy Farms, you notice an unusual Dr. Seuss-land A-frame barn with a tractor inside. Then, between two stone walls, you see four fuzzy faces peering out the gate—two Highland calves with bells around their necks, plus a dark-faced lamb and a white-faced lamb. Then, you meet Sally Bowen, wearing colourful woollen products from the farm, as she begins, without a formal greeting, introducing you to Cedar, Willow, Nellie and that white lamb, Brownie.

Sally explains that these lambs are two of last season’s 34 bottle-fed lambs, neglected by their mothers. It happens because they were either triplets to one ewe or abandoned due to some disability, “or they’re born into mud puddles and get hypothermic,” she says.

As for the unusual tractor barn, it was built like an “A” because they had some long planks after the original barn burned and they figured

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