Have you ever wondered who all the critters are that live in the undergrowth of the forest and under the rocks in your garden? Allow us to introduce a few of our silent and often unseen neighbours—those unlikely allies who quietly break down fallen leaves, defend our gardens from potential pests and help us to grow food.


Earthworms are one of the most efficient composters on the planet. Moving through the soil, these animals help to break down an enormous portion of organic material. They increase

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Caberneigh Farm
Harrowsmith: Tell us about your farm. What do you grow or raise? CaberNeigh Farm: CaberNeigh Farm is a 50-acre farm-slash-vanity-project in Uxbridge, Ontario. We have horses, dogs, cats, pet goats, laying chickens, a pot-bellied pig and bees. The tr
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Harrowsmith Radio
Since its birth, Harrowsmith has told entertaining, empowering and informative stories of Canadians living well and sustainably. Now our flagship podcast, Harrowsmith Radio, puts those powerful tales right between your ears. In each episode, host W