Project Pergola

I’ve learned a few lessons over the last 20-plus years, not the least of which is how fast 20 years goes by. When I built my first pergola on the spot where this new one stands, I simply stepped into the forest for a few hours with a chainsaw, cut some balsam fir poles, then used deck screws to assemble them into a structure that eventually became engulfed by climbing plants. If someone had told me back then that this original arbour would last until my then-toddler son would be driving my pickup truck on his own, I would have thought that was more than enough for a pergola to last.

As it turns out, as this same “toddler”—now taller than I am—helped me rip out the rotting old pergola to make room for this new one, I realized that my original

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Caberneigh Farm
Harrowsmith: Tell us about your farm. What do you grow or raise? CaberNeigh Farm: CaberNeigh Farm is a 50-acre farm-slash-vanity-project in Uxbridge, Ontario. We have horses, dogs, cats, pet goats, laying chickens, a pot-bellied pig and bees. The tr
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The polar jet stream will be running straight through this area, so expect much colder than normal conditions with a barrage of polar vortex air masses. As a result of the colder flow, we should see a drier pattern, with the lack of an active storm t
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Like many, Jon Krakauer’s Into Thin Air (1997) was my introduction to Everest and its inexplicable temptation. Sharon Wood takes us back a decade, to the spring of 1986. This is 10 years before the disastrous climb resulting in eight deaths that Krak