Finishing outdoor wood tops the list of home improvement problems that I help Canadians with online, and this is because of something surprising. Two things, actually. Unprepared wood—both old and new—is a poor candidate for accepting a finish and hanging on to it for a long time. The second reason for trouble is that a large proportion of outdoor finishing products simply don’t have what it takes to last more than a year or two. All this is why I started testing different outdoor wood finishing products and strategies back in 1990. I’m still at it. The four steps you’ll find here cover everything I’ve learned since

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Quebec Region 2
A snowy winter is anticipated across a large portion of the province. These storms will mix with rain and ice in the first half of the season, one of which could produce significant icing resulting in power outages in January. It is likely that the l
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Splitting Hairs
If you’ve been thinking that heating with firewood might be a good way to reduce your household energy bills this coming winter, you could be right or you could be wrong. It all depends on how you obtain your firewood. Buying ready-to-burn firewood i
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Montreal Gazette
photographer John Kenney was there and took the iconic photo of a masked Mohawk Warrior standing atop a rolled-over police vehicle with his rifle raised. They had won the battle that day, on July 11, 1990, in a standoff that would drag on for 78 days