my early 20s, after a summer job working in the Colorado Rockies, I headed back north with a group of friends. Our plan was to finish off our season with a backpacking trip in Grand Teton National Park. En route, we detoured through Yellowstone National Park, where I was to experience my first close encounter. We had the giddy thrill of being caught up in a buffalo jam. Our tiny car was forced to a standstill as we were engulfed by a giant herd of buffalo leisurely crossing the road. I was awestruck. Years later, en route to the Yukon, my husband and I were travelling the famed Alaska Highway in northern British Columbia and stumbled upon the Pink Mountain herd calmly grazing on the side of the road. For anyone who has had the privilege of viewing North America’s largest land mammal (they tip the scale at an average of 700

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Celebrating Fall Gardening Traditions
Many of us have specific things we do to wrap up the gardening season. For me, this includes pulling up the last of the vegetables, cleaning up perennial beds, topping up my compost, cleaning off my gardening tools and tidying up before the snow fall
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Here to Use Are R Some osehips Ways
Rinse, cut in half, and scoop out tiny hairs and seeds. Place in single layer on tray. Dry in oven on lowest setting for a few hours, or use a food dehydrator. Store dried hips in glass jar in a cool, dark place. Rinse, then remove tiny hairs and see
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British Columbia Region 5
A rather mild winter is expected. The southern half of the province should be drier than normal, with more sunshine than usual. Only the northern third of the province should see an active storm track bringing some rainy and snowy events through the