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Read any good books recently? Three-quarters of UK adults say they’ve read a book for pleasure in the past year, according to a YouGov survey. But there’s no doubt that reading as a pastime is under threat from a long list of 21st-century excuses. You just can’t find the time to read a book. You’re too stressed to focus on page after page of words. It’s so much easier – and tempting – to scroll through social media instead. But did you know

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Perfect Plan
Monday: Fat Burn + 30-min brisk walk or cycle Tuesday: Legs workout + 30-min brisk walk or cycle Wednesday: Rest day Thursday: Chest and Back workout + 30-min brisk walk or cycle Friday: Bums and Tums + 30-min brisk walk or cycle Saturday: Arms
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Did You Find A Way Of Exercising During Lockdown That You’ll Keep Up When Sports Clubs And Gyms Re-open?
‘I did more cold-water swimming in lakes and rivers as the leisure pools weren’t open’ Laura Stott-Allworthy ‘I’ve now got basic equipment at home, and there is so much available on demand, but I’ll probably book the odd studio class.’ Lauren Sha
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Christine is a performance nutritionist, chef, author and keen runner. She runs online programmes and works with athletes.christinebailey.co.uk Lucy is an ex-national gymnast and qualified PT. She is also a nutritionist and life coach who loves noth