Painting, Planning, and the Process

which means I paint outdoors, directly in nature. Painting this way means I have to work quickly because light often changes faster than I can set up my paper and palette. It’s frustrating

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HEIRLOOM GARDENER7 min de lecture
Homegrown, Handspun Cotton
I STARTED GROWING COTTON six years ago. I’d just begun spinning wool and was looking for fibers that I could grow and harvest myself. I was especially interested in a fiber that wouldn’t require purchasing several expensive tools at the outset, befor
HEIRLOOM GARDENER3 min de lecture
New Heirloom Offerings for Your Garden
An early spring vegetable, cauliflower has risen in popularity as a low-carb substitute in a variety of dishes. If you want to grow your own, you’ll be happy to know that this Italian heirloom is one of your best bets: It’s both rich in minerals and
HEIRLOOM GARDENER2 min de lectureArchitecture
Trials and Triumphs
THIS ISSUE MARKS my one-year anniversary with Heirloom Gardener. At this time last year, I mused about the process of gardening and how it’s akin to painting, and I admitted that during winter, I turn my creativity toward garden planning. This time a