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She wears her humility like a badge, as she has embraced it throughout her life: as a daughter, wife, mother and entrepreneur. Her tone is composed and comforting – a foil to the rapid-fire questions posed to her.

She interrupts instinctively with an offer of a takeaway lunch while on the way back to her office at Tukang Innovation Drive in Tuas from Gardens by the Bay, where the Her World video crew has been filming her. (She has been on the Gardens by the Bay board of directors since December 2016.) Then she dives back into the conversation.

There are moments when she reveals aspects of her journey in life, and one gets the feeling of being in the presence of an inspirational life coach instead of someone who has spent nearly two decades building a multimillion-dollar empire.

Meet Susan Chong, Her World Woman of the Year 2019, and the founder and chief executive of Greenpac. Her award-winning Singapore firm has revolutionised transportation packaging for industrial products by using cost-saving and eco-friendly solutions.

Susan has been at the heart of the company’s exponential rise. The 2014 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year is a well-regarded industry stalwart who, in 2017, was also a finalist in the Circular Economy Leadership (CEL) awards scheme by the World Economic Forum. The CEL recognises innovators who are pushing forward in their respective fields and paving the way

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