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Planting by the Moon

n these two pages you will find the basic planting rules for the month of December, derived from ancient traditions. Even if you’ve never planted by the Moon, these rules are easy to apply. All it takes to raise a good “crop” (or tend to your house plants) is to have a little knowledge of lunar

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Love, Money, Health Forecast
★ LOVE: First Week. June’s spring fever presents a family-oriented homebody, but you may be too much in a hurry to notice. Second Week. Mars enters Leo, your house of romance (the 5th), creating a dramatic scenario around meeting a sweetheart. Third
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Your Daily Hourly Guide
Aspects are effective several hours before and several hours after they become exact. All times are for EST/CDT. Add 1 hour for EDT. Subtract 1 hour for CST/MDT, 2 hours for MST/PDT, 3 hours for PST. June Ingresses in the Sidereal Zodiac
Horoscope Guide3 min de lectureAmerican Government
It seems like centuries since President Bill Clinton was impeached in 1998, and it is definitely more than a century before that when the first impeachment, that of President Andrew Johnson, took place. From the standpoint of someone who pays attenti