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Harmonic Astrology in Practice, by David Hamblin. The Wessex Astrologer (wessexastrologer.com). 285 pages, paper. $30.00

Harmonic Astrology, the creation of the late John Addey, a British astrologer who passed away in 1982, was an idea that had its origins during a historical period in modern astrology that began in the early 1950s and which I think of as the “zodiac wars.” Astrologers Cyril Fagan and Donald Bradley were upsetting the astrological establishment by proposing that the

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1st-8th: Flaunt it! Treat yourself to something special that will help you stand out in a crowd, Gemini. On the 5th, Mercury in your solar 2nd forms a semisextile to Venus in your sign so be daring and buy the perfect outfit to show off your best qua
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★ LOVE: First Week. You’ll look twice at someone who’s dedicated to a cause or who engages in teamwork on a hot July day. Second Week. A prospective love interest is found off the beaten path or in a career setting. Follow the go-getter. Third Week.
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1st-8th: Hidden talent. Your professional life may change dramatically, Aries, so take a deep breath. On the 1st, Saturn retrograde re-enters your solar 10th followed by a Full Moon (lunar eclipse) shining its light in that same sector on the 4th. Ha