Journal of Alta California

Journal of Alta California

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Journal of Alta California7 min de lecture
It’s All In The Details
Dance: Los Angeles International Dance Festival • Screens: Newly Restored Foolish Wives • Art: Frida Kahlo • Architecture: L.A.’s 2028 Olympics • Picks: Fire Lookout Camping and Tulips • Tools: In-Home Battery Power Dust kicks up on a bumpy road that
Journal of Alta California4 min de lecture
“Farewell, Frieda,” page 110 You’ve profiled so many people in your career. How is it a different experience when you’re writing about someone who’s passed, as you do this month in your appreciation of produce pioneer Frieda Caplan, a.k.a. the “Kiwi
Journal of Alta California5 min de lecture
The Bells Toll. But for Whom?
If you’ve driven California highway 101 or 82, you’ve seen them: cast-iron and concrete bells, standing miles apart like sentinels, from San Diego to Sonoma. The road has another name—a once and future name—recalling cruelty carried out at a king’s c