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“I Liked the Capability”

You have heard the expression, “Keep it real.”

Well, when it comes to an evaluation of the Grip-knife, no one can do that better than the badasses from Full Spectrum Warrior USA,

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Knives Illustrated2 min de lecture
DURABLE, RELIABLE, AND READY TO TACKLE YOUR RECENT KILL: THESE ARE THE CHARACTERISTICS YOU NEED IN A HUNTING KNIFE. This oversized knife’s main function is to make short work of skin, muscle, tendons, and even bone. A sturdy handle, durable steel, an
Knives Illustrated4 min de lecture
IT’S A DANGEROUS WORLD OUT THERE. EVEN THE ODDS AND INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF SURVIVING A COWARDLY, UNPROVOKED ATTACK BY CARRYING AN EDC KNIFE. These concealable blades offer a slim profile, a lightning-quick opening, and an extra sharp edge. From bei
Knives Illustrated2 min de lecture
A SURVIVAL OR BUSHCRAFT KNIFE IS THE PRIMARY STAPLE OF EVERY BUGOUT BAG OR EMERGENCY KIT. This no-nonsense blade is used for a diverse number of tasks, including shaving tinder, breaking down small game, cutting through cordage and wires, and even as