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Let the brain lead the way

Whether paying for dinner or negotiating complex business deals, having a “brain-aligned” conversation is essential to successfully navigate any difficult moments.

A few months ago I was at a dinner with new international business partners at a nice restaurant and everyone was keen to impress. The night was going perfectly with conversation and wine flowing freely. Then the moment came that could potentially derail the whole

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Letter Of The Month
Synchronicity at its best! I have just read your magazine for the first time. Margaret Lomas’s answer to “How the Bank of Mum can help” (May, page 25) is a question we have been pondering. While my daughter is in employment, the clear, concise and co
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Your Guide To Managed Funds Data
The tables on these pages contain data and information to help you compare managed funds, which are pooled funds managed professionally by investment experts. Managed funds displayed in these tables are multi-sector or asset class specific. Multi-se
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Getting Back On Your Feet After A Divorce
Belinda and Scott* purchased their first home together in 2016 and within months the relationship was feeling the strain of the new finances. What worked well on paper in budget terms wasn’t working so well in reality. In the divorce, Belinda decided