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One of the dilemmas for family firms – which make up more than 70% of Australian businesses – is whether to pass it onto family members or sell it to outsiders.

It depends on how feasible it is for the next generation of family members to run the business. Do they have the capability, the right motivation, skills, energy, resilience and entrepreneurial attributes to get the job done? Can they adapt

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ESG products (those incorporating environmental, social and corporate governance principles) have grown at two-and-a-half times the rate of the rest of the exchange traded products (ETP) market, according to research by Rainmaker Information, which p
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Six Points To Consider Before Investing
1. Understand the risks of what you’re investing in. P2P lenders with significant track records have got processes and history, and understand what has to happen in times of crisis. 2. Beware of the difference between pooled and contributory funds.
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Fortunes Made In The Lab
Biotech is an exotic asset class, evoking images of vials and white lab coats. This image parallels the complexity of the subject matter, which lies far beyond the comprehension of the lay investor. For most of us, investing in biotech betrays the te