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WRITING IS MY CALLING. EVEN without compensation, I would write. My latest book explores the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I wrote the first draft in

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Mornings with Jesus2 min de lecture
Thursday, January 7
LADIES FROM MY BIBLE STUDY introduced me to picking a theme word for the year. The subject came up several weeks into the year, but when I heard it, I knew right away what my word was. Before I could open my mouth, a wise and older mentor who knows m
Mornings with Jesus2 min de lecture
Monday, February 22
THE EMERGENCY ROOM DOCTOR REFERRED me to an orthopedist after I fell down a staircase. An MRI of my rotator cuff showed no tears, and I felt fine, but the doctor recommended a few weeks of rehab so I could gain range-of-motion strength. When I walked
Mornings with Jesus1 min de lecture
Saturday, February 6
MY HUSBAND, ANDREW, HAS ALWAYS shied away from public speaking. He often has valuable insights on things, yet his comfort zone is to sit back and observe. It didn’t help that he stuttered as a child and was sometimes teased by his classmates. Recentl