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“WALK THIS WAY,” THE BUTLER said. Then he proceeded to limp his way noisily across a foyer. The visitor who followed did the same, mimicking but the comedic gesture first appeared in the 1936 movie .

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Mornings with Jesus1 min de lecture
Monday, February 8
LAST WINTER I DECIDED TO attempt transcription and captioning work from home. The work was more challenging than I imagined. I would select a project, and the audio would be faint and crackly. The various people speaking would be difficult to identif
Mornings with Jesus1 min de lecture
Wednesday, January 20
RATHER THAN CHOOSING BETWEEN THE two, I’ve been both a coffee and a tea drinker, depending on the time of day and my mood. For years, I considered myself a purist—black coffee only. Why would anyone want to mar the wonder of deep, rich, bracing black
Mornings with Jesus1 min de lecture
Saturday, February 6
MY HUSBAND, ANDREW, HAS ALWAYS shied away from public speaking. He often has valuable insights on things, yet his comfort zone is to sit back and observe. It didn’t help that he stuttered as a child and was sometimes teased by his classmates. Recentl