Mornings with Jesus


I VISITED A NEW FRIEND’S home shortly before Christmas. “Come, see our tree,” she said as she led me into the living room.

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Mornings with Jesus1 min de lecture
Tuesday, February 9
THE FIRST WINTER LIVING ON a sailboat tested my grit. More than once I felt like my coping skills had been overstretched. Then circumstances stretched them more. The first challenge came when snow fell and turned the dock into a slippery, slushy mess
Mornings with Jesus1 min de lecture
Monday, January 11
OUR ONLY DAUGHTER, MARIE, DECIDED four years was long enough to work in retail. She enrolled in a program that helps women find new jobs. In her initial interview, she told the director, “I’d be happy to sit in a cubicle all day and enter data.” Mari
Mornings with Jesus2 min de lecture
Wednesday, February 10
DRIVING HOME FROM THE MOUNTAINS, I was caught in a major snowstorm. I clutched my steering wheel so tightly my hands ached. Cars and trucks surrounded me as we drove on a traffic-filled highway. Suddenly, I hit black ice, and my car started sliding.