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I DID OF praying and research before we moved to Florida. Based on a few key criteria, we focused on a particular area where there seemed

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Mornings with Jesus1 min de lectureReligion & Spirituality
Sunday, December 27
NOW, I CAN SEE MORE clearly how my church journey reflects the seasons of my life. As a new Christian, I found a Bible church with a scholarly pastor who taught Scripture verse by verse, and I faithfully took notes. My husband worked most Sundays, so
Mornings with Jesus2 min de lecture
Saturday, November 28
I AM NOT A PATIENT person, but I know that Jesus is working in me every day. Last night, Jesus showed me a single powerful lesson about how patience and excellence are related. My aunt Shirley, who is my fellow church member and the church secretary,
Mornings with Jesus1 min de lecture
Friday, December 11
SINCE MOVING TO FLORIDA, I’VE relied on my phone’s navigation app more than ever. Yet even with a watchful satellite and Siri’s smooth-toned guidance, I can get really turned around. Throw in a detour or side trip and getting where I’m headed becomes