New American Paintings

Nancy Lim

ailing from throughout the West Coast, the talented artists selected for this issue range broadly—in their topical concerns, formal approaches, and the memories they summon. Tucker Nichols’s paintings are like spirited visual balms, their off-center compositions animating floral bouquets and pulling pools of color to the surface. Barb Gipple’s drawings offer a more panoramic view of densely worked Pacific Northwest landscapes that hint at seeing far but pull our eyes short at their furry textures and roving colors. In contrast, Emma Webster’s paintings offer paths into deep pictorial

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New American Paintings2 min de lecture
Kyle Austin Dunn
Oakland, CA / / @kkyleddunn I explore and uncover biases through the digitally influenced presentation of an archaic medium. The paintings utilize layers of overlapping lines to create complex distorti
New American Paintings2 min de lecture
Julio Panisello-Huguet
West Hollywood, CA / / @juliopanisello / @julio.panisello I recognize in my work a strong influence from my childhood experiences growing up gay in Franco’s Spain. My first impression of fine art came
New American Paintings2 min de lecture
Mary Mocas
Los Altos Hills, CA / / @marymocas I am a mixed-media artist who utilizes collage, painting, and sculpture. My process begins when I gather peeling wheat-pasted paper from urban walls around the world. I accum