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PS Now for something completely different

It might be called PS Now but lately when I’ve been logging into the gaming subscription service all I can do is think about the past. PS4 games are plentiful, but

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Official PlayStation Magazine - UK Edition2 min de lecture
Root Film
The Root series is as much a brochure promoting Japan’s Shimane prefecture as it is a mystery anthology. 2016’s Root Letter explored the capital city of Matsue, and this entry wanders further afield as a production team scouts for potential film loca
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Is Sony Playing It Safe With Too Many Blockbusters?
While PlayStation chases the next big thing, I’m keeping my eye on indie. Japan in particular has seen an increase in independent, auteur-led studios such as Fumito Ueda’s GenDesign. After the troubled development of The Last Guardian and in light of
Official PlayStation Magazine - UK Edition4 min de lecture
PS4 Hall Of Fame
Nathan Drake’s swan song is a daring evolution. It combines series-defining set-pieces, quietly devastating storytelling beats, and sprawling levels that make you feel like a real-life explorer. This franchise finale retains its signature charm, with