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Genghis Khan, founder of the largest contiguous empire in history or cricketer? That’s a joke you’ll find in this game. There’s also one about hero Ryan Marks loving a ‘tight fit’ where the game goes full Men Behaving Badly. Like that TV reference, and despite being in PS VR, this is a shooter with old-fashioned sensibilities.

The story is pure Lock, Stock, And Two Smoking Barrels. Coming home to bury his father, special forces

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Official PlayStation Magazine - UK Edition3 min de lecture
Grandia II
Sega is or has been many different things over the years – a console manufacturer, a game development studio, a publisher, and a company that endlessly chased PlayStation’s success with RPGs. It made a very successful first attempt with the Sakura Wa
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Okinawa Rush
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Official PlayStation Magazine - UK Edition1 min de lecture
The King Of Fighters XIV Ultimate Edition
SNK might also love adding DLC characters to its fighting games, but it’s generally wary of releasing additional versions of its titles without good reason. That’s why Ultimate Edition is worth paying attention to, as it’s sort of a last hurrah befor