Are you looking for the biggest fitness secret? Something that will transform your body overnight to be more toned for a female and stimulates maximum growth for a male? The truth is something does exist. It might sound simple, but there is something you can do even while you’re reading this article.

Most of us train by using the resistance of weight or our bodyweight. This simple reaction to stress forces muscles to contract in resistance. The more weight you add, the more

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Weights & Measures
If you can easily perform narrow-width push-ups, which target your triceps, challenge yourself with this one. Place your hands on an eight-pound medicine ball and use that as the push-up platform. If this is too easy, then bump it up a notch by placi
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Concurrent Workouts
As a fitness enthusiast, you have undoubtedly asked the question, “Should I do my cardio before my weights or vice versa?” If you’re like most people, you may feel there is an exact answer. The most frequently cited answer is, “Do your weight trainin
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Specific Adaptation To Imposed Demands
Even if you always train at the perfect intensity level, it doesn’t guarantee results. “Specific adaptation to imposed demands” explains that various types of training will each result in specific adaptations. A single workout can improve multiple as