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Westward, Via Mooney

For a kid who didn’t travel much at a young age, I got bitten by wanderlust early on. Every summer, my dad’s parents loaded up their red Econoline van, turned right onto the westbound lanes of the highway, and disappeared for a month or so. Shortly after their return, we’d head over for dinner and flip through albums of 3x5 glossy pictures of all the sights they had captured on film and listen to colorful narration of the events that happened in between. I wanted to join them for one of these trips but never did. By the time I was of an age to go, I was already hanging around the airport, and flying was so addictive that I couldn’t bring myself to break away for that long.

Amy and I often take vacations where we airline somewhere, grab a rental car, and make a decent road trip out of it. We’ve done big laps around England, Ireland and Scotland. We’ve traipsed all around the Pacific Northwest and parts of the Arizona desert. But

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Accident Briefs
Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania/Injuries: 2 Fatal The pilot had purchased the experimental, amateur-built airplane about 3 weeks before the accident. The airplane was partially disassembled, transported to an airport, and then reassembled. The pilot flew
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Weather Hazards
When the subject of in-flight hazards comes up, non-pilots think of the kinds of things that one might see in a 1970s Hollywood blockbuster—explosions and hijackings and volcanoes. The truth is far less dramatic and far more insidious. For small plan
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Two Degrees Of Separation From chuck Yeager
MY instructor and I were quiet as we flew, winging along, a couple of hundred feet above the starkly beautiful western Mojave Desert. I was doing the flying, working on my commercial certificate (which I would not complete for another decade and a ha