Practical Horseman

Desensitizing Touchy Horses

f your horse is sensitive about having his temperature taken (for example, if he steps away from you or clamps his tail down), spend several sessions getting him accustomed

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Practical Horseman8 min de lecture
Finesse Your Flat Class
If you hang around horse shows long enough, you’ll hear this comment ringside: “You can’t beat that daisy-cutter. He’s going to win this flat class.” But the truth is you don’t always have to have the best mover to be competitive in the under-saddle
Practical Horseman10 min de lecture
Horsemanship 1o1
Whether you compete or just ride for fun, you can raise your horsemanship to a higher level by learning more about your horse, your sport and yourself. Successful riding is all about creating the best possible partnership with your horse, both at hom
Practical Horseman1 min de lecture
Finding Inspiration
I watch the trainers I admire and I reflect on why I respect them. Why am I drawn to them? Although technique is my starting point, it always has to do with something more than just technical skill, something deeper in the soul. It’s the same with ho