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The price of a basic pre-purchase exam will vary from one veterinary practice to another, but in general you can expect

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Practical Horseman8 min de lecture
A Good Start
I would like to discuss how to bring a 3-year-old horse into work in a way that is suited to his nature—a slower, more considerate method based on classical principles. In Part One, I will outline the first month of work: introducing and practicing w
Practical Horseman10 min de lectureBiology
Nutrition Report: Amino Acids
Amino acids are a hot topic in today’s equine nutrition. They are the vital biological building blocks that link together in the horse’s body to create proteins, which form everything from muscle tissue to organ tissue as well as enzymes, hormones an
Practical Horseman1 min de lecture
Anja Beran’s Cavesson
I have developed my own special version of a cavesson with a metal noseband that is padded and covered with leather. It fits the horse well and gives me the opportunity to have a very focused and exact effect on his nose. Being able to give the aids