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When enumerating attributes that someone deemed a legend should possess, the obvious come to mind — diligence, accomplishment, prominence. Ruth Presslaff certainly owns these traits, and in this article you’ll learn many additional characteristics that prove her merit as the 2019 MIW Legend.

Ruth’s career path was courageous and entrepreneurial. Her years on-air and in programming were inspired by a love of music and of radio’s importance in the creative process. Her early adoption of the emerging interactive space was motivated by Ruth’s fascination with technology and her capacity to comprehend data and analytics. And it was her staunch belief that hard work, combined with a competitive drive and respect for those you employ, produces a vibrant company. That belief propelled Ruth confidently into business ownership.

Her vision, ability, and tenacity paved the way for the many achievements Ruth has attained over her career; however, it is her wisdom, generosity, and natural leadership skills that have made indelible her distinctive mark on the industry, her employees, and her colleagues.

Ruth is far from finished making an impact, and for that the MIW Group is extremely grateful. The MIWs benefit greatly from Ruth’s longtime support and dynamic leadership on the executive committee.

As a volunteer organization, the MIW Group relies on many who share their valuable time and expertise to help other women excel in their careers. Ruth is always at the head of the line with her sleeves rolled up to give whatever it takes to “make it so!” It was Ruth’s unique insights that fostered the MIW Group’s technical and social presence. When the executive committee took note of lagging growth trends for female managers in programming, Ruth established a relationship with Nielsen

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