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WINEMAKER Sean Skibbe of South Hill Vineyards

Travel 70 kilometres east of Cape Town on Sir Lowry’s Pass, and you’ll find one of the most beautiful valleys in the world. Verdant and vibrant, the Elgin Valley (pronounced with a hard ‘g’ as in great)

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SA Country Life4 min de lecture
A Basketful of Medicine
The Cape Doctor is out in full force, determined to blow the Cape Peninsula squeaky clean as we drive into Winford, a farm on the outskirts of Scarborough that has been established as a private nature reserve. This enclave of the Cape floral kingdom
SA Country Life1 min de lecture
Algoa Bay Hope Spot
• A proclaimed Marine Biodiversity Hotspot, its six islands host half of the global population of African Penguins, 70 per cent of Cape Gannets, various species of whales, four species of dolphin, the list goes on. • The Alexandria Coastal Dunefield
SA Country Life7 min de lecture
Art From The Heart
Everything about Kashief Booley, the Blacksmith of Prince Albert in the Western Cape Karoo, says Old School. And watching him work in the Striking Metal smithy on a rise overlooking the village, with the majestic Swartberg range sweeping across the P