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Where Does Food Come From?

I found the May issue of COUNTRY LIFE magazine truly delightful. The feature by Andrea Abbott in particular caught my attention with her opening paragraph

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SA Country Life6 min de lectureMedical
Living Through A Pandemic
All the warnings were there, but we were still surprised when it actually hit. Despite the claims (typically by political leaders) that no one could have predicted or prepared for the potential impact of a global pandemic, there is one man who unders
SA Country Life1 min de lecture
Algoa Bay Hope Spot
• A proclaimed Marine Biodiversity Hotspot, its six islands host half of the global population of African Penguins, 70 per cent of Cape Gannets, various species of whales, four species of dolphin, the list goes on. • The Alexandria Coastal Dunefield
SA Country Life2 min de lectureNature
1. As the birds fly over the battlefields, it is easy to dismiss them as ‘just another swallow’ or House Martin. But the Banded Martin (Gebande Oewerswael) is a special bird, with his white breast and big brown band. Tick him flying fast and low over