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“You can never have too many climbers in your garden,” says plant specialist Leoné Williams of Petal Faire Nursery in Pretoria. “But, remember that while most are well behaved and will obediently fill up a trellis or neatly cover your pergola, there are some that, given the chance, will try and take over,” she warns. To get plentiful blooms over the longest period, plant them in good soil, water regularly, feed in spring with Talborne’s Vita Fruit and Flower

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Accessorising THE GARDEN
Containers overflowing with flowers are the horticultural equivalent of scatter cushions. Move them around the garden to add colour, change a colour scheme, brighten a dull area or act as a focal point. The secrets to beautiful plant-filled pots are
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Plant List
Yellow: Yellow argyranthemum, Dusty Miller (Cineraria maritima), giant goldenrod, yellow Bulbine frutescens Peach/apricot/cream: Dusty Miller (Cineraria maritima) Pink: White argyranthemum, coral Salvia coccinea, wild garlic (Tulbaghia violacea) an
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A FAMILY affair
(Serves 6) 15ml oil, plus extra for frying45ml cake flour10ml paprika6 small to medium lamb shanks4 cloves garlic2 red onions, peeled and cut into crescents10ml tagine or harissa paste1 (410g) tin chopped tomatoes500ml lamb or beef stock30ml fresh r